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Many Voices, Much Joy: Words from Wisdom’s Feast

feast-book-cover-smallWith original poetry and art, this workbook is an invitation into the richness of women’s spirituality. The 70-page workbook includes:

  • Many voicespaths of feminist spirituality: An introduction to the wide range of spiritual practices which affirm the powerful wisdom of women around the world
  • One visionfeminist spirituality: Prompts to help you articulate your own spiritual journey as a woman, plus guidelines for working in community.
  • Much joypractices of feminist spirituality: Practical exercises on connecting to the earth, honoring your body’s wisdom, writing and mystery, sacred storytelling and more!

Edited by Elizabeth Simson Durant. Contributions from Vanessa Timmons, Ila Suzanne Gray, Melissa Bennett, Frodo Okulam, Staci Elliott, Cristi Jenkins, Mia Nyschens and Leslie Chartier.

WomanSpiritHealing Press, 2011



Confront Your Racism, Challenge Your Faith

confront-racism-bookHow does race and racism influence the way we read and interpret sacred texts?

This workbook creates a sacred space for confronting racism and white supremacy within spiritual practices. Practical suggestions for reading from a place of embodiment – deeply grounded in the body’s wisdom – help the reader to cultivate awareness and challenge unconscious assumptions and biases.

This book is an invitation to all people, regardless of the doctrines, creeds, or spiritual practices you claim (or do not claim) as your own.